Pyro Junkie Fireworks the Company

From simple beginnings in South Florida, Pyro Junkie Fireworks has grown into one of the nation’s premier consumer fireworks wholesaler and retailer. With mega stores, warehouses, and firework stands throughout the country and a brand new state of the art website Pyro Junkie is the most convenient way to get all your fireworks needs. We pride ourselves on offering only the highest of quality products, staffing the most knowledgeable staff, and providing an industry standard in customer service. Our management team will give every customer from retail to wholesale and from a first time buyer to a fireworks enthusiast an exclusive experience unparalleled in the industry.

Pyro Junkie the Brand

For over 10 years, Pyro Junkie Fireworks has been dedicated to developing the nation’s leading brand in Pyro Junkie. We have spent countless hours developing the highest of quality products to ensure the safety and performance of each item we offer. Pyro Junkie has made a name for itself with continued quality, performance, and innovative label design. As the popularity of Pyro Junkie continues to grow we will continue to work hard to increase our product lines, and work to maintain the quality expected at an affordable price.